Team RWB: Eagle Leadership


At Team Red, White & Blue, we believe that our country needs leadership more than ever, and not just any leadership, but Eagle Leadership! Eagle Leadership is all about building genuine relationships and we couldn't be more fired up that you've accepted the challenge to be an Eagle Leader in your community.

Eagle Leaders are Empathetic, Authentic, Genuine, Loyal & Effective leaders.

Eagle leaders are empathetic to veterans, teammates and everyone they meet. We create connection.

Eagle Leaders are authentic to themselves and genuine to others. We truly care about people.

Eagle Leaders are loyal and committed to their communities. We would never leave a fellow Eagle behind.

Eagle Leaders are effective in carrying out the mission of enriching Veteran's lives and building a culture of support, encouragement and inclusiveness.

At Team Red, White & Blue, our focus is all about investing in our leaders, and this is why we created the Eagle Leader E-Learning platform. The platform has been designed to educate, train, inspire and elevate you to new heights.

Build better leaders. Build better communities. Build a better America.

Eagle Up!

Module 101 - Eagle Leadership
Module 102 - Empathetic Leadership
Module 103 - Authentic Leadership
Module 104 - Genuine Leadership
Module 200 - Training
Module 300 - Electives